Hailing from Ghana Africa, Kwame Nantwi's name, "Tona", was given to him because of his distinctive tone of voice, which he uses not only to project his rhymes, but also a unique style that transcends the typical boundaries of the Hip hop genre.


The production in Tona's catalogue, (majority of which is produced by in-house production team, alongside Tona himself), encompasses influences from old school hip hop, as well as, a fresh sound similar to new underground electro hip hop.. His release entitled “We Do”was a song that earned him his first Stylus award for “Best Rap Video” in 2012. In 2014, Tona’s catalogue included being placed on the Polaris Music Prize Long List for his politically conscious driven album with “The Freedom Writers”. Recently Tona was the recipient of a Juno award for “Best Rap Recording” in 2015 which happens to be one of Canada’s top honors. In addition to these credentials, Tona was also a winner of the Sirius XM Radio Indies award for “Best Rap Group of the year” both as part the collective “Naturally Born Strangers”. The award is one that recognizes achievements in the urban music scene in Canada.) His track "Dial Tone", off the Don't Holla EP, earned Tona a Stylus Award nomination as well.

Tona continues to play shows internationally, and make a credible contribution to the scene. His entrepreneurial spirit, sharp-witted, and metaphorical rhymes make him one of the best players on the rise in the game of hip-hop.





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